To print from a Hertswood Academy Chromebook, you need your Print Code, and to print to the FollowMe printer.

Print Code

  • Click this link, log in with your normal school username/password (without the '' part), and clicking 'Show' in the top-left corner under Card/ID.
  • This four digit number is your personal Print Code.

To Print...

  • Once you've completed the above steps, when you print from a Chromebook, use the 'Destination' drop-down.
  • If the FollowMe printer is listed, select it. If not, click 'See more...' and select it from the list that appears.
  • Once you've printed, you can go to any Printer or MFD (photocopier) in the school, enter your four digit code, and choose Print Release.
  • This gives you a list of documents you've printed, which you can 'release' to print at that device.