We are excited to introduce our new Arbor Parent Portal, which has replaced Go4Schools and MyEd

Students and staff are already using Arbor in school each day, and we are pleased to invite parents to the Arbor Parent Portal, accessible by App or any internet-enabled device.

If you have more than one child at Hertswood, you will have access to information for all of your children, all from the same login.

Arbor allows you to:

  • Receive and reply to messages from the Academy, free of charge.

  • Update your phone number, address and contact information.

  • See your child's attendance and behaviour data in real time.

  • View your child's daily timetable and exams timetable.

  • Check homeworks that have been set for your child.

  • View your child's grades and progress in their subjects.

As we move forward with Arbor, you will also have access to reports and detailed markbooks from your child's subjects.

Getting started with the Arbor Parent Portal

You can access Arbor either:

  • Through the Arbor app (search 'Arbor' on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store), or...

  • By going to hertswoodacademy.uk.arbor.sc on any internet enabled device.

In both cases, look for the 'First time logging in?' or 'Forgot your password?' options, both of which will allow you to enter an email address. This email must be the same one we have on record for you. If you would like to update the email we have on record, please contact the school office (020 8238 7200, admin@hertswoodacademy.org).

You will receive an email with a link you can click to create a password for Arbor. Then once you have logged in to the app or website, you will need to agree to the site's terms and conditions, and enter the date of birth for one of your children to further confirm your identity.

If you are using the Arbor app, and have students who are, or previously were, at other schools using Arbor, you may be asked to select 'Hertswood Academy' from a list.

Support with issues

If after reading the getting started' section above, you have issues accessing the Arbor app or website, you can contact our IT support team at helpdesk@hertswoodacademy.org. As this is a new system we are expecting to handle a large number of issues, from parents as well as students and staff. We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible, and appreciate your patience.

If you have more general issues or queries, such as regarding your child's details or data, please contact our school office at admin@hertswoodacademy.org or 020 8238 7200.

If you would like more information or guides for the Arbor Parent Portal, below are some relevant resources directly from Arbor:

App messages and notifications

If using the Arbor app, please ensure your phone is set to allow notifications from it. This ensures your mobile phone will present you with an alert when you receive a message from Hertswood.

Even if you use the app, urgent messages may be sent to you directly by SMS (text message). Messages which are not time-sensitive will generally be sent through the app, however to ensure they are received, if you have not accessed the message within four hours, you will receive an SMS (text message) copy as well.