Parents Evening System

Making Appointments

Visit from a desktop or mobile device. You can log in using only your name, your child's name, and their date of birth. If you'd like to also enter your email address, you'll receive a link you can use to quickly access the service again in the future. Once you've accessed the service, you can select appointments yourself, or have it automatically select appointments for you.

If you have any issues with the system, please contact the Academy's IT support team at

Please note that accessing the site checks the title you've given. If you are a 'Mrs' or 'Miss' but the system is not recognising you, it may be that we currently have you on record as 'Ms'. Please try this instead, and if you'd like to correct our records let us know on the email address above.

You may see Physics as your child's only science subject. If so, your Physics appointment will cover all of your child's Science classes.

NEW: You can now also invite another parent/guardian of your child to join the video calls from another location, using the 'Invite Parent/Guardian' link at the top of your My Bookings page (after you have booked appointments). If you have not used this method and a second device attempts to join the meeting using the same login details, the first will be removed from the meeting.

Joining the Video Calls

Visit, or if you provided the system with an email address, you can click the login link from the bottom of the email confirmation you received.

60 minutes before your first appointment, a ‘Join Video Appointment’ button will become available. Click this to enter the Video Call screen. If you are asked to allow access to your camera or microphone, please click yes.

Before seeing the Video Call, you will be presented with options to test and, if necessary, change your microphone and camera. You can then click 'Proceed to Video Call' when ready.

A countdown at the top of the screen will show how long until your next appointment. Once it is the correct time, a ‘Start Appointment’ button will appear, which you can click to join the call. If the teacher has not yet joined, you will see a notice to that effect.

A countdown will also appear during the call to show the remaining time. Once the countdown stops the call will automatically end. You will then see a button to ‘Start Next Appointment’ if you have another one scheduled immediately after, or otherwise another countdown to your next appointment.

Once your final appointment for the evening is complete you will see a message advising you of this.

If you would like more detailed information regarding use of the system, please click here for the full parents’ guide to video appointments.

Handling Issues

This is a new system for online parent consultations. If you have issues accessing the service to book appointments, please contact the Academy’s IT support team at

If you have any issues connecting to the video calls on the day of the event, unfortunately it will be difficult for us to resolve these for you. If this occurs, please contact the school office (, 020 8238 7200) to let us know, and we will arrange for your child’s teachers to provide feedback for you in written form.

Please note the system supports most common devices, however tends to work more reliably on desktop/laptop/Chromebook devices rather than smartphones. If the choice is available, we would suggest not using a smartphone.