2021 Hertswood Arts Showcase

With the limitations on in-person events this year, Hertswood staff are keen to provide a platform to showcase at least some of the many creative works our students have produced. We congratulate all of our students on their effort and dedication in their creative works and look forward to welcoming them back in September for even more exciting projects!

Art -- Year 10

Alexandra (Y10)

Emily (Y10)

Ilayda (Y10)

Isabella (Y10)

Kelly (Y10)

Ronnie (Y10)

Isabella (Y10)

Lilia (Y10)

Year 10 Art Montage


by Grace (Y13)

by Jacob (Y13)

by Daniel (Y11)

by Alexandra (Y11)

by Boomeka (Y11)

by Boomeka (Y11)

by Cassidy (Y9)

by Cassidy (Y9)

by Eduard (Y13)

by Eduard (Y13)

by James (Y11)

by Jamie (Y11)

by Mandy (Y11)

by Freddie (Y11)

Design Technology

Art -- Year 8 & 9

David (Y8)

Jacob (Y8)

Alex (Y9)

Alex (Y9)

Ella (Y9)

Honey (Y9)

Ioana (Y9)

Jessica (Y9)

Jessica (Y9)

Rachel (Y9)

Tiffany (Y9)

Food Technology

Independent work by Cameron (Y9)

Art -- Year 8 Sculptures

Alfie (Y8)

Harry (Y8)

Honey (Y8)

James (Y8)


Mask Scene - Isobella, Ellie-Mae & Abigail (Year 7)

Amadeus Scene - Year 12 Drama Students

Music -- Film Soundtracks

Imiefanosa Igiehon & Leo Austin Y8 Film Music.mp4
Isabelle Webb & Roberto Salac Y8
James Pink Y8 Film Music.mp4
Katie Fahey Y8
Tyler Manning & Jay Lanceman Y8 Film Music.mp4
Nadine Makri Y8 Film Music.mp4
Jessica Harris & Anita Rama Y8 Film Music.mp4
Radha Y9
Sebastian Y9

Photography -- Monthly Challenges

Below are just some of the winners of photography challenges this year, set by our Head of Photography, Miss Spary.

Ben (Y8) "Spring"

Alfie (Y8) "Sunset"

by Katie (Y10) "Laughter"

Courtney (Y8) "Christmas"

Clara (Y10) "Autumn"

Zara (Y8) "Valentines"

Andre (Y10) "Motion"

Cassidy (Y9) "Motion"

Fatana (Y9) "Motion"

Louise (Y10) "Spring"

Oliver (Y9) "Autumn"

George (Y8) "Christmas"

Stephanie (Y8) "Laughter"

Nadine (Y8) "Lights at night"

Jasmine (Y9) "Lights at night"

Jessica (Y8) "Laughter"

Oliver (Y10) "Sunset"

Music -- Compositions & Ensemble Performances